5 Tips to Keep your Factory Workforce Fully Motivated

Lack of motivation in the workplace would have to be one of the most commonly faced issues faced by employers on a daily basis, if your staff is lacking motivation you should look at reasons why they are not motivated and attempt to make changes. Without proper motivation, the work that is being produced cannot be done to the high standard you should aim for as an employer. Instead of blaming your staff, you should work with them to see if there are any changes that can be made to improve the workplace atmosphere and encourage staff to work harder without negativity.



Being Understanding

As an employer, it can be very hard to manage your team whilst keeping a positive and friendly work relationship, although your work deadlines and quota are very important for your business. You should take into consideration the needs and requirements of your staff so that they can work well with peace of mind that their boss is going to look after them. In some cases, it is not possible to meet everyone’s needs but by showing you are willing to work out compromises that will benefit your staff you can still keep morale high whilst looking after your business.


Produce a Positive Environment

The quality of the environment your staff is working in has a direct link to motivation, staff is not going to work as well in a place that is not maintained to a high standard. Health and safety are of utmost importance and you should make sure the workplace is cleaned regularly to a standard that is suitable for working in, as well as cleanliness why not consider making updates to the furniture or adding homely touches to create a positive environment for your staff to work in.



Making small gestures and offering bonuses and rewards to the hardest working members of staff is a tried and tested method of increasing motivation. In recent news we saw pinnaclepest control in Roseville, who offered raffle tickets based on a staff meeting their work quota, this not only rewarded those who deserved it but also encouraged staff who had been slacking to put extra effort into their work. Rewards don’t have to cost a fortune and you will find that most staff members will appreciate the gesture, creating a positive relationship between employer and employee.


Change Work Hours

One of the most disputed factors within any workplace would have to be discrepancies when it comes to working hours, whilst you should attempt to work around everyone’s availability it can be hard to please everyone and someone is bound to have an issue with a scheduled shift. In this case, you should avoid confrontation with staff as this has a direct effect on motivation, whilst doing what is best for the business and being fair with offering those who booked time off the earliest their desired shift, you could try and compromise with staff and offer different days off or spread the workload across the workforce to avoid damaging work relationships.



There is a common misconception that employers should have a strict attitude towards staff to reinforce who is in control however, this has proven to be damaging to morale and motivation on shift. There are ways you can control your staff as a manager whilst having a positive relationship, your staff should feel that they are able to come to you with any issues they may face without fear of having a negative interaction. In order to keep your workforce motivated you should conduct yourself in a positive manner that will be carried into the workplace.

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