The Highest Paying Jobs for Tradesmen

When we were younger, the idea of completing our high school education and then going straight to university was often promoted. The importance of aiming to be a doctor or a lawyer was something that was idolised and recommended, but as we have all got older we have quickly realised that pursuing these careers is extremely difficult and once you have gained a position in the right sector, it can take years to progress and earn a wage that you believe you deserve.

Very little focus is put on the importance of tradesmen and their position in society. Something that you may not know is that tradesmen can make a lot of money, due to how crucial and rare their skills can be. If you are someone that has never really gelled with the academic world, then you may be wondering what potential career options may be out there for you. There are actually a lot of well-paying jobs for tradesmen all around the world and here are just some of them.


If you think about it, how many plumbers do you know? Plumbing is not exactly a lifestyle that is promoted to be glamorous and so not many people choose to pursue a career in plumbing after they have completed their education. Because not many people choose to pursue a career in plumbing, finding a plumber can be extremely rare. For this reason, good plumbers can earn a substantial amount of money and they are constantly in demand, which means being a plumber can leave you very financially well off.  Plumbers that work in locations with colder climates can make a lot of money as pipe bursts are very common issues in colder countries, which is why the help of plumbers is needed.

Painters and decorators

Not everyone has the natural ability to be able to paint and decorate. Though painting a wall may look easy, it is actually very time consuming and can very easily be messed up. If you are someone that owns many properties or you simply have a busy lifestyle, then you may need the help of professional painters and decorators to get your houses ready.

Once again, painting and decorating is not something that is glamorised and so not many people pursue it as a career. This means that those that can paint homes well are very desirable, especially if they work quickly and to a high standard. Painters and decorators are particularly needed in areas that are under a lot of development, so think of cities like Perth where there are many construction projects underway.  If you are a painter in Perth that is looking for work, why not look into gaining training in painting and decorating? Doing this will open a lot of potential career routes and can increase your likelihood of earning a consistent wage, all while being creative.


Many people are under the misconception that machinery creates essentially everything that we use these days. This is not the case, as many companies value the creative input of a worker that cares about the work that they do. If you are someone with a talent for woodwork, then there is a whole world of opportunities out there for you. In particular, bespoke furniture companies are in desperate need of talented woodworkers that have a flair for creating beautiful furniture and the ability to get it done quickly. This is a skill that not many people pick up within this tech-driven age and so if you can do this, then you will be considered desirable to a lot of workers.

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